Movie Theater Birthday Party

Movie Theater Birthday Party


My oldest brother just turned 30! Since he was hitting the big 3-0 I felt it was necessary to throw him an awesome party. I spent a lot of time browsing the internet searching for party ideas and a good theme for my brother’s party, and then it finally hit me. A movie party!! My brother is really into movies and I knew this was something he would love.

The Decorations:

  • Giant number balloons – I wanted to make huge marquee-style numbers but then realized that was going to take an absurd amount of time! After admitting defeat I was eating dinner at a restaurant and saw someone walk in with gigantic number balloons for a 40th birthday party, and I was like OH MY GOSH. The balloons I bought were $5.79 each at Walmart. There are also lots of other colors to choose from.

  • Backdrop – I have big foam boards that I cover for my backdrops, but you can use any type of large board for this…or you can just hang tablecloths on the wall to serve as backdrops. I attached a black tablecloth to the board first, and then hung red tablecloths on either side to look like the red curtains at a movie theater. I used some random gold ribbon I had to tie the red curtains back and give them some shape. Oh, and I just used a bunch of tape and push-pins to keep the tablecloths in place. The back of it looked ridiculous haha!

  • Concessions Banner – I wasn’t able to find exactly what I wanted for free online so I just ended up making my own! I found the red striped pennant banner here and then made the circles with letters. Click here for the free PDF of the circles! For the banner it seems that you have to make a free Chicfetti account to download it now. I have downloaded many things from Chicfetti and they have some great free stuff!

  • Popcorn Bar sign – I found this for free online but I honestly cannot find it now! If you know where I got it from please post a comment with the link so I can give credit where it is due.

The Food:

  • Hot Dogs – plus cheese, slaw, and chili… By the way, I LOVE my hot dog maker. My family got it years ago from the Nostalgia brand. They have since updated it and you can find it here on Amazon.
  • Soft pretzels – Click here for a gluten-free soft pretzel recipe from King Arthur Flour. Click here for a non-gluten-free Auntie Anne’s Copycat Recipe from Cooking Classy.
  • Popcorn – with several seasoning options (kettle corn, ranch, garlic)
  • Candy! – Twizzlers, Twix, Reese’s, Butterfingers, Kit-Kats – The cheapest mini candy bars I can find are in packs of 8-12 at Walmart. The Dollar Tree seemed to have the best deal on these several years ago, but the packs are smaller now and not as good of a deal.

The Drinks:

We had a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. The “Happy Birthday” straw signs came from here. Signature drinks included:

  • Birthday Cake Shots
  • Birthday Cake Milkshakes
  • Shirley Temples with Peach Schnapps – Sprite, Grenadine, Peach Schnapps
  • Classic Shirley Temples (non-alcoholic) – Sprite, Grenadine, Cherries

I made 4 different drink recipe cards for the party. Click here for the PDF download!

The Entertainment:

This was the easiest part. Obviously we had to watch movies since this was a movie theater themed party! I picked out one movie that I knew my brother wanted to watch…and then another one that was just an easy to watch, crowd-pleaser that we could play in the background while people ate and talked.

I hope this party inspires you! Please let me know what you think and post any of your own suggestions for movie theater parties, or any questions you might have!

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