DIY Rustic Sign – Easy and Cheap!

DIY Rustic Sign – Easy and Cheap!

I threw a party for my brother’s 30th birthday a few weeks ago. I wanted  a sign for the bar set-up, but I didn’t want to pay the prices that I found in the stores. I came across some options that weren’t too expensive, but they weren’t really what I wanted! So…I ended up making my own.

Don’t these look nice?? I only paid a total $5.50 to make these.

I searched around Hobby Lobby for a while and sought out a few different options for letters. I found several wooden options, but the cheapest option, by far, was the paper mache letters. They were $2.99 regularly, but they were 50% off when I was there! Hobby Lobby rotates their sales so if you want to make these I suggest going when the letters are 50% off.

I bought the cheapest bottle of acrylic paint I could find in the shade I wanted, and I already had brushes and black paint at home. For the red-ish color I went with Anita’s All-Purpose Acrylic in Rust Red.

Step 1 – Paint the letters black or brown. This should be whichever color you want to show through.


Step 2 – Paint the letters with the red, or whatever color you choose for the top coat. Put just a little bit of paint on the brush at a time, wipe it off a bit on a plate (or whatever you are pouring the paint on), then lightly brush it on the letters. You can brush harder, but you just need to make sure you are aware of how much paint is on the brush. The key is to let the under-color (black, in this case) show through! If you mess up, just paint the area black again and re-do it.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you try this for yourself!

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