Walking Dead Party

Walking Dead Party


Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?? (Please say you are!) And if you are…then you should start planning your watch party…right…now! The 2nd half of season 7 starts on February 12th!! My family always gets together to watch the show, but I threw an actual watch party for the season 7 premiere back in October. I plan to do the same thing again on February 12th because it was SO MUCH FUN!

Sidenote – Oh my gosh…That episode was so terrible and upsetting. I knew it was going to be difficult to watch, but GEEZ!

We were Maggie and Glenn for the party…so sad. 🙁

The details:

For my TWD premiere party I asked people to come over an hour before the show started so we could eat, make predictions about the episode, and give out goodie bags! I LOVE making and giving out goodie bags, so I went all-out for this…more info about the goodie bags later in the post.

The food:

We ate dinner at the party, not just snacks. I made/bought several things since I was hosting and all, but I did ask people to bring things as well since I didn’t feel like I could afford to buy dinner for 10 people, on top of paying for goodie bags, decorations, and other snacks! I used Punchbowl to send invites and set up the potluck. I have the free account, which includes the potluck option, and it is so nice!

Anyway, back to the food. We had pulled pork barbeque, because you can’t really have a TWD party without Terminus BBQ (also, eww…so gross! Poor Bob!!)! To go with the BBQ we had slaw, buns, and some sauces. We also had Terminus cocktail weenies, chips and salsa, and fruit. It also wouldn’t have been a TWD party without Carol’s cookies, Morgan’s protein bars, Carl’s pudding, and Michonne’s spray cheese, so we had all of those too! Interestingly enough, the spray cheese was a highlight of the party…I just bought the cheap-o Walmart brand!

The drinks:

I just had sodas and water for the party, nothing fancy. I found some free printable straw flags and attached them to paper straws though, and that was super cute. On the water bottles I used a Sharpie to write “GREATM” on the water bottle lids. – reference to season 5!!!

The goodie bags:

These were a ton of fun to make. I only had to make about 10 goodie bags…I would not suggest being quite as elaborate as I was if you are having more guests than that.

I got these awesome bags from Oriental Trading. They were $16.99 for a dozen bags, which is way cheaper than I could find them on Amazon or anywhere else. I bought everything that went in the bags from Walmart, except for 2 things. I got the matchbooks free somewhere and I printed the zombie hunting permits.

Inside the bags:

  • mini flashlight – $1.00
  • pack of tissues – $1.00 for pack of 6
  • mini first aid kit – $1.00
  • toothbrush – $1.00 for pack of 6
  • bottle of water – I got the printable label here! It’s in the “Party Invitation and Zombie Survival Kit” download.
  • turkey meat stick
  • trail mix
  • granola bar
  • 2 matchbooks
  • zombie hunting permit – I got the printable zombie permit here! It’s in the “Party Invitation and Zombie Survival Kit” download.

The Candy Bar:

Everyone loves candy, and people love to fill up their own goodie bags! I got some inspiration from Pinterest and saved a bunch of medicine bottles for this. I filled some of them with skittles haha but I just left a bunch of them empty. I got the bloody goodie bags from Oriental Trading ($1.99 for a dozen), along with the gum eyeballs and the zombie food gummies (look like brains haha)!

The Entertainment:

  1. TWD quiz
  2. Episode predictions
  3. And the show, of course!!

The TWD quiz and predictions sheet both came from here! The Dating Divas created a great group of printable TWD fun.

The Decorations and Printables:

I used two bloody tablecloths from Oriental Trading, one for the table and one for the table backdrop. I got the two wooden pallets for free before they got thrown away by a school, and they worked perfectly for my set-up! I gathered all of the camouflage I could find (not really shown in the pictures…), along with lots of survival-type gear to sit around the room. I also printed a bunch of zombie signs. The “Infection Zone” tape came from the Dollar Tree. The super awesome bloody footprint clings came from Oriental Trading, but they apparently aren’t on there anymore! They seem to be on Amazon though. My beautiful zombie woman cutout was only $6.99 from Oriental Trading, and that was WAY CHEAPER than I could find anywhere else. She creeped everyone out…SUCCESS!

P.S. I left her up until after Christmas. 🙂

Free Printables:

I hope you have a wonderful TWD party. Check out my “The Walking Dead Party” board on Pinterest to see more ideas!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions! 🙂

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