Puppies and Bow Ties Baby Shower + Free Printables!

Puppies and Bow Ties Baby Shower + Free Printables!

Hi! This is my first blog post on here, so I thought it would be great to post about some type of “first,” like the first baby shower I ever put together! Of course, this is also the only baby shower I have ever put together…so far. A friend of mine was pregnant and about to move across the country, so another friend and I teamed up to throw a shower for the mommy-to-be (and the father too). I think we did a pretty nice job! Please enjoy this post and the free printables. šŸ™‚

The food and drinks:

I took care of the dessert table and we asked the guests to bring food and drinks. A potluck may not always be an appropriate route to take depending on the guests that are invited, but for our group of friends it was perfect. I sent invites through Punchbowl and that made everything easier to manage. I just have the free account. Punchbowl has a potluck option, which is super handy and I highly recommend it if you are planning any sort of potluck!

I decorated these cookies using royal icing. Click here for more information on outlining and flooding cookies with royal icing!

The games:

We played 3 games at the baby shower, one of which started as soon as guests walked in the door!

1. Bow tie game – We made the bow ties out of cardstock and then attached clothespins to them so they could be easily clipped on peoples’ shirts. The sign (also available for download at the end of the post) says: Please takeĀ a bow tie and clip it on tight. Try not to say “baby” with all of your might. When you hear someone say “baby” then snatch up their pin. If you have the most at the end then you win! Everyone really enjoyed this game, but especially some of the guys. The winner ended up with 5 bow ties at the end! It looked ridiculous with those clipped all over his shirt.

2. Sippy cup / baby bottleĀ game – For this game you just need a few sippy cups or baby bottles, and some type of drink to put inside.You can use beer (if it’s that type of baby shower šŸ˜‰ ), milk, juice, or just water if you want. The first one to finish the drink wins!

3. Pregnant belly game – This game was interesting, but everyone had a lot of fun playing it. For each player you need a ping pong ball, a small pail, and a balloon. Each player puts a balloon under his/her shirt and a ping pong ball between his/her legs. Each player then has to walk to his/her pail and try to drop the ping pong ball into it. We turned this into a tournament because each round is really quick!

The other things:

1. Guest “book” –Ā I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it while it was still blank! We used paint samples (yay for free things!) to make the balloons, baker’s twine for the strings, and we found the cute puppy image for free somewhere online. We bought silver Sharpies for this!

2. Books instead of cards – We asked guestsĀ to bring books instead of cards, and to sign the inside of the books! We knew that some people would forget to sign their books so we set up some Sharpies and a sign at the gift table. Giving books instead of cards was really neat and the mommy and daddy-to-be were super excited to get a bunch of books for baby’s library!

3. Bow tie cutlery – These took a little bit of time to make, but they were super easy! I found the idea onĀ Pinterest (of course). To make one of these I just folded a paper napkin over a fork and knife and then used a small strip of cardstock (printed with the digital paper, links below) for the center of the bow tie.

4. Straws – These also took a little while to make, but they were definitely worth the time! I mean seriously. Just look at how cute they are!! I made mini bow ties from cardstock and hot glued them to paper straws.

So, what about the free printables?!?! A lot of what we used cameĀ from Chicfetti. I came across this website while looking for free printable banners, and I found that there are a ton of useful (and free!!) things on there! If you have never been to this website before, I recommend you spend some time browsing through all of the free printables…There are a lot.

This is what I got from Chicfetti:

  1. Chevron pennant bannerĀ (letters only)
  2. Chevron bow ties
  3. Gingham bow ties
  4. Striped bow ties
  5. Chevron digital paper
  6. Gingham digital paper
  7. Herringbone digital paper
  8. Striped digital paper

These are things that my friend and I made using the free things from Chicfetti. Just click to download the PDF:

  1. Large dog prints, small dog prints, dog banner pieces
  2. Mini bow ties
  3. “Thanks for coming!” tags
  4. Mini dog prints for food picks
  5. Dog print table tents
  6. Guest book sign and gift book sign
  7. Bow tie game sign

Feel free to download, print, modify, and use all of these as much as you want…just know that they all contain elements from Chicfetti and are not ok for commercial use.

I hope you are able to use some of these ideas and/or printables! Please leave me a comment if you have any questions!

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